Outlook Not So Good

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Inflation is rising. Real estate prices are falling. The Washington Times (March 14) reports that members of the business elite, “deeply concerned by what they see as reckless spending and needlessly aggressive foreign polices,” are turning against the president, claim- ing he’s “throwing money at complex problems and just doesn’t care about the long term.”

How has the president responded? By shutting his ears to their criticism, and leaning ever more on his own advisers. But this over-reliance on his inner circle has estranged his political col- leagues: now they openly criticize his political appointments and sabotage his economic deals.

For now, the president still has the support of those who distrust the elite, those who voted him into office because he seemed like “one of them.” But that common-man image can’t hold out forever – will his patriotic boosters support him once they see how much his wild spending is taking out of their meager paychecks? Will they support him through a vast military campaign, even if it means the deaths of their children?

Yes, things are looking bleak for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of Iran – oh, who did you think I meant?

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