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In 1984 Congress passed a law declaring all human organs a national resource, and subsequently forbade sales of organs. This denied any claims an individual might have on self-ownership.

Right now the Department of Health and Human Services has formed an advisory committee to find new sources of organs. Two suggested remedies are removing organs against family wishes, if a donor card is signed, and assuming that everybody is a donor unless there is a document prohibiting removal of organs. To classify this as grave robbing is an understatement. It’s utterly Frankensteinian. This isn’t the proverbial slippery, slope – this is a well-greased cliff. One might ask, how long before Congress comes after the organs of living donors?

The most controversial proposal, in the eyes of the committee, is allowing cash transfer in exchange for organs. Possibly the most startling idea to those involved is that allowing market forces into the equation would probably work. Shortages and lines appear any time a central agency controls price and distribution.

Even though I recognize the benefit of donating organs that I no longer need, I refuse to sign the back of my driver’s license until the state recognizes my self-ownership, and allows me to sell my organs. I urge all that agree with me to follow suit. In fact, as a pre-emptive strike, I’m going to tat- too a note on my back, prohibiting the removal of any organs or tissue without payment to my survivors.

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