Red Tree, Blue Tree

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It seems that the tree service industry in my area has become a political hotbed. I had no idea that this could happen when I wrote, some time ago, about a sign advertising a tree service company that would barter its wares. Since then, new signs have popped up along my route to and from work — signs more colorful, and much more political, than the first one.

Several neon pink signs advertise, “Progressive Tree Czar — 10% discount to Democrats.” I just had to call. The man I spoke to indicated that the discount was, indeed, for Democrats. I asked about independents. (No need to ask about Libertarians; I could guess his answer.) He replied that I could get a discount as long as I was a political “progressive.” Well, no discount for me. I mean, I believe in progress, but not that kind.

He asked to call me back after he handled an issue on the job. When we spoke again, I asked him if his choice of advertising was his way of taking a stand in the political debate going on in America. He said yes. Then after a few moments he said he didn’t like either political party; he was just trying out this advertising to drum up business so he could feed his family. An interesting change of tune — the emotional ploy. It didn’t work on me. I politely told him I would get back to him.

The other new signs appearing along my route advertise a “Conservative Tree Service.” They, naturally and predictably, feature full-color American flags as background. When I called this company, the person who answered the phone said I’d have to talk to the owner about the political aspect, but they did take $100 off the total price for conservatives. Libertarians, too! She also told me that they were the same company that had the “barter” signs.

I might go with them. But maybe if I wait long enough there’ll be a sign for a tree service that really knows how to do business. “Liberty Trees! No ‘discounts’! We’ll do the job for the best price for you — the lowest price we can offer.” If I see that sign, I’ll know who is getting my business.

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