Searching for Pyrrhus

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On the morning after the election of November 2009, the one that put Republicans in charge of Virginia (by a landslide of 18 points) and of New Jersey (of all places), Democratic speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi gleefully proclaimed a Democratic Party victory.

Huh? How?

Well, according to her, it was because the Democrats (narrowly) won a congressional district in a remote area of New York, where, in a series of freak events, the RepUblican candidate withdrew and endorsed the Democrat.

Presidential kingmaker David Axelrod came up with the same happy spin, although he, unlike Pelosi, wasn’t smiling.

There used to be an idea that modern liberals were smart. I believe we’ve outlived that idea. I don’t think that Pelosi, even Pelosi, is dumb enough to believe that the Democrats won. But she’s dumb enough to believe that she can get other people to buy the idea. And so is the president’s bosom buddy, Mr. Axelrod. It doesn’t look good for the Democrats.

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