Test First, Study Never

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While helping with some outdoor work at my house, my neighbor’s 16-year-old son told me that he would be taking his driver’s test in two days. Two days later he returned to help with more outdoor work and told me that he had failed the test. He thought the strategy he used to prepare would work. It didn’t. He did not like failing the test; it was something he did not want to repeat.

When helping out at my house after he took the test a second time, he told me that he had passed. His first approach obviously didn’t work, so he went with a tried and true approach – memorization. That did work.

Obama and the Democrats remain hellbent on spending America out of recession – with recent mutterings involving a second TARP. Government intervention into the economy does not yield favorable results, let alone fix a recession. Recovery follows government’s reducing its role in the economy. Yet Democrats still believe that the government can spend us out of the current recession.

It’s amazing that they cannot learn from repeated failure – while a normal American teenager can learn from just one failed test.

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