The New Transparency

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Escaping mainstream media notice was another case in which Obama violated his promise to create the most transparent administration ever. As noted in the Washington Examiner (August 12), he has now abolished the position he set up to push transparency in government. The so-called “ethics czar” job is gone, and the fellow who held the job is now going to be the U.S. ambassa- dor to the Czech Republic. Most of the duties that the “ethics czar” was supposed to have performed will be shifted to the White House counsel, Bob Bauer.

Bauer is a partisan hack of the first water. His law firm represented John Kerry in 2004. It represented Obama in his race for the presidency. It represented the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. It even represented the infamous Sen. Robert “Rolex” Torricelli (D-NJ), whose legislative career was ended by a lobbying and contributions scandal. Bauer was a lobbyist (I know — Obama promised that he would not have ex-lobbyists in his administration), working on behalf of America Votes, Inc., a Dem 527 organization funded by the AFL-CIO and ACORN.

Yes, the most transparent administration ever.

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