The Shame of Canada

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Canadian truckers have massed in Ottawa, the nation’s capital, to protest a persecutorial decree of the government that even they, who work by themselves, must be vaccinated. The response is a degree of hostility from government unmatched since the forces of the Tsar got serious on Bloody Sunday.

Responsible figures of government scornfully refused to meet with the truckers. But Ottawa’s chief of police held a press conference in which he announced, without visible embarrassment, that he was dispatching 150 police and “undercover federal agents” (i.e., spies) to get rid of the truckers. “We have increased ability to identify and target protesters and supporters of protesters who were funding and enabling unlawful and harmful activity by the protesters themselves. Investigative evidence gathering teams are collecting financial, digital vehicle registration, driver identification, insurance status and other related evidence that will be used in prosecutions.”

What do you have in your wallet that can be used to apprehend you, should you get out of line?


The list presents a chilling picture of the means that the “liberal” state has at its disposal to ruin any who protest against it, even over such a thing as a vaccination. What do you have in your wallet that can be used to apprehend you, should you get out of line?

Is there anything more the authorities could do, besides call in the Cossacks? But they’re worried that in this possibly revolutionary situation their own forces may go over to the enemy. My source says that “any police officer who is caught aiding, assisting, supporting, sympathizing with or facilitating the ongoing freedom protest in the city will be removed from duty and subject to arrest. All Ottawa police officers are to regard the protesting group as an unlawful, extremist and hate-filled mob and have a duty to comply with the instructions of the command and control structure.”

Speaking of “hate” . . . when a ruling class spots its enemy, the venom flows, and then it strikes.


  1. “a persecutorial decree of the government that even they, who work by themselves, must be vaccinated.”

    Just to be clear, I oppose vaccine mandates — ALL of them.

    But this particular implicit argument against them — that they “work by themselves” — isn’t a very good one.

    Truckers may DRIVE by themselves, but they don’t WORK by themselves. They start at loading facilities staffed by other people and finish at unloading/re-loading facilities staffed by other people. In long-haul work, they make numerous stops for fuel, food, lodging, etc., where they interact with still other people. In various locations. Over long distances.

    Their particular line of work makes them more, not less, a plausible target for vaccine mandates, because they are pretty much the definition of “vectors” for the spread of disease like e.g. mosquitoes and malaria, carrying it from location to location. Much more so than some guy who sits in the same office or stocks the same store shelves with the same co-workers every day, then goes home to the same family every night, all within a 10-mile radius.

  2. Scott Robinson

    Dear Stephen,

    When I first saw the coverage of the Freedom Convoy in Canada, I compared it to CHAZ/CHOP in 2019-2020. The Freedom Convoy is a whole lot of tractor-trailer trucks sitting on all inches of south bound roads. Outside the trucks there are lots of people with Canadian flags and protest signs. I saw one video of a man with the Stars and Bars flag that had the image of a big rig trailer sewn, glued or painted in the center. What I did not see was any fires burning or any Ottawa capital buildings that were defaced to say, “People’s Capital” instead of “Capital Building or Canadian Capital”.

    At CHAZ/CHOP, I saw concrete barrier walls blocking empty streets with open fires burning. I saw masked people, some bearing assault weapons, and of course, the Police Headquarters sign defaced to say, “Peoples Headquarters”. I also heard about people not being allowed to freely enter or leave CHAZ and heard about several people having been killed and assaulted.

    It’s the difference between the so called “Summer of Love” and the evil recalcitrant truckers with their vaccine protest and bouncy houses. Also, no police in CHAZ, and numerous police in the Freedom Convoy protest. I don’t remember if Go Fund Me gave donations to CHAZ, but I’ve heard that Go Fund Me has confiscated the donations to Freedom Convoy.

    Respect Liberal Authority,

  3. David

    Scott says “…but I’ve heard that Go Fund Me has confiscated the donations to Freedom Convoy.” This report is out of date. GoFundMe quickly reversed itself after outcry protesting the proposed theft and a promise by the Florida AG to investigate. Now, presumably, GoFundMe has been automatically refunding donations that it refuses to pass along to help the truckers. So GoFundMe proudly announced that it will steal from donors who did not actively reclaim their donations, but then it decided, no, better not, doesn’t look like we can get away with it.

  4. Michael F.S.W. Morrison

    First, it is NOT about vaccination. It is about mandatory — forced — behavior.
    According to two separate sources, 90 percent of the truckers HAVE been vaccinated, and that is plausible considering … well, considering it’s Canada.
    Scott, commenting before me, contrasted the real insurrection in Seattle to this “Freedom Convoy” in Canada.
    My question is, Did we not get told that the West, the allegedly free West, won both World War II and the Cold War?
    Yet the central government of Canada is keeping alive the tactics, and apparently even the belief systems, of both the fascists and Nazis of the former and the communists of the latter.
    I saw, via video, the Trudeau storm troopers arrest, and reportedly manhandle, a man, who seemed to stand about 5 feet and maybe 1 inch, for the heinous crime of honking his car horn to show support for the truckers.
    And I saw those storm troopers steal private property, including firewood and gasoline, from the truckers and their supporters.
    When one brazen supporter hollered at the cops, “Is that your property?” the badged thug smart-aleckly responded, “It is now”!
    Nowhere did I see, during the genuinely criminal behavior of the U.S. riots, with the killings and destruction, such forceful and forcible acts by the “legal authorities.”
    Hitler, Stalin, and Mao would be right at home in Trudeau’s government.

    1. Scott Robinson

      Dear Michael,

      I did see later that I had made a mistake and saw that the Stars and Bars was actually a flag that looked a lot like the Betsy Ross flag of the United States and that the switch to the Confederate Battle Flag was so that the Confederate soldiers could tell the difference between the flags of the Union and the Confederacy. I found this out when I actually researched if the blue cross, what I thought was the “Bars” in its name, was related to the white cross on the Scottish flag. As you mentioned, this is called the Saint Andrew’s cross, so named because Saint Andrew was crucified on an X shaped cross and he is the patron saint of Scotland. This cross is on the Confederate Battle flag because there were a large number of Scottish immigrants and their descendants in the Confederate States of America. And the wikipedia link you posted is the page that I looked at.

      Thank You,

  5. Chris

    I don’t suppose it was intended so, but the phrase “Responsible figures of government” seems more than faintly sarcastic, and (these days) definitely oxymoronic. It prompts the same kind of misgiving as “limited thermonuclear war”. (Does anyone remember reading about the last war in which nukes were engaged? I seem to recall more than a half century of deserved angst and hand-wringing over that. The decision to drop atomic weapons in war has been second-guessed ever since 1945, and it’s a good thing. I had thought that the whole argument in favor of nuclear weapons since then was “at least they’ve saved us from another global war”. Now, I guess, folks want to rethink that maybe with ‘smart’ weapons, they won’t hurt so much this time.)

    I didn’t mean to hijack the point of the essay, though. It’s been about a month since the Convoy ended. The Prime Minister used a political ‘nuclear option’ to defeat it (he supposes), and the EU ministers have pretty well panned him for that. That is, panned him roundly, and in spite of the fact that we’re still juggling this other ‘maybe, maybe not’ actual nuclear option.

    I remain hopeful that though we still stumble from one catastrophe to another, at least we’re still on the road, metaphorically speaking.

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