The Ugly Truth

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The president recently vetoed an SCHIP funding bill and the Democrats trotted out a “victim” to try to put a face on the issue. Twelve-year-old Graeme Frost spoke about how the SCHIP program – originally intended to help poor families afford health insurance – saved his life. The 12-year-old, who lives in the suburbs and attends private school, argued for the new bill – which not only expanded the coverage to families making over $80,000 a year but allowed “children” to remain in the program up to age 25. The presi- dent opposed the bill for those reasons.

We want truth in politics. This issue isn’t about kids like Graeme Frost, who was already eligible for SCHIP coverage anyway. The program’s supporters should have found a more representative spokesman – a 24-year-old, living in his parents’ basement and complaining in between bong hits about the injustice of having to pay for Valtrex out of his own pocket because his ex-wife slept with the drummer in a Motley Crue tribute band.

You see, there really are two Americas.

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