This “Compliance” Stuff is Expensive

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The 2006 ballot in Washington state will include Initiative 933. If it passes, the state government will be required to “consider and document” the adverse consequences of “any ordinance, regulation, or rule which may damage the use or value of private property.”

The opposition campaign notes the problems with the initiative. It will cost government time and will cost taxpayers money. There will be less money to spend on current budget items, because the state will have to spend money tediously documenting the process by which some decisions are made. The “No on 933” website complains the initiative is “written so irresponsibly that it leaves voters guessing and doesn’t say where the money will come from” to cover compliance costs.

I’m glad the Left is figuring out that complying with stupid laws costs time and money. Business owners have been trying to tell them that for years. Maybe the knowledge will spread beyond our state’s borders this November.

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