Tomato? Tamahto? Nazi

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Have you ever argued with any people on the public payroll? I vaguely recall something that Mencken wrote, appropriate to the situation. I cannot find his clever words, but I’ve created an updated version of his thinking:

You say you’re opposed to excessive taxation, and they explain you hate children and oppose education.

You say only those who benefit from particle accelerators and space exploration should pay for them, and they explain you’re a Luddite.

You say businesses should be allowed to fail rather than get taxpayer money, and they explain you want to destroy the capitalist system.

You say you think adults should not be forced into a government retirement system against their will, and they explain you want old people to die in the cold.

You say you are against the drug war, and they explain you just want to get high.

You say they should bring our soldiers home now, and they explain you do not support the troops.

You say charity should be voluntary, and they explain you hate the poor.

You say you oppose coercion, and they explain you are a danger to all mankind. You say that perhaps they should stop suckling at the taxpayer’s teat, and then they really get mad….

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