Do The Evolution

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It’s hard to believe that the debate over evolution is still taking place in Kansas. Evolution is pretty much a fact that only a small segment of Christians dispute anymore. The crux of the debate today is whether evolution was intentional or accidental.

Many of those on the accidental side of the argument are using science to disguise their real agenda: teaching atheism in public schools. Much like the communist predecessors who forged their doctrines, the American Left wants all children taught that there is no Creator, and no higher authority beyond the state.

Other than that, what could the Left be fighting for? It’s not really about education. Let’s say that the entire .state of Kansas teaches all their children that evolution is a farce, for a full twelve years of public schooling. Are those children really going to be disadvantaged? Except for a handful of jobs, in a few branches of science, that ignorance will never affect their lives. Perhaps they’ll be mocked at Manhattan cocktail parties (which happens to people from Kansas anyway), but other than that, those kids will all move on to live happy, productive lives.

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