Executive Privilege

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From The New York Times: “Obama Writes Own Health Bill. Should he have done this months ago? Hoping to revive his healthcare agenda, President Obama is writing his own comprehensive health-care legislation before next week’s meet- ing with Republicans. According to Democratic officials, Obama is writing it so that it could be passed through reconciliation and therefore skirt the threats of a Republican filibuster.”

I remember learning in grade school about something called “the separation of powers,” whereby the legislative branch originated the laws and the executive branch enforced them. I recall thinking that this seemed rather inefficient. I mean, surely if one is going to enforce some laws, it’s better to write them oneself — how much easier that makes it to know what to enforce!

So it’s good to know that we got rid of that old relic of separation of powers. We must have done so, since no one from The New York Times to Fox News has seen anything untoward about this for many years now.

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