Green Eugenics

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The December 3 headline in the Guardian (UK) should have read, “Rich white people pay blacks not to have children.” Instead it declared, “Rich nations to offset emissions with birth control.”

The subhead explained, “Radical plan to cut C02 argues that paying for family planning in the developing world is the best bet.” The article stated, “Consumers in the developed world are to be offered a radical method of offsetting their carbon emissions in an ambitious attempt to tackle climate change – by paying for contraception measures in poorer countries to curb the rapidly growing global population…. Calculations … show the 10 tonnes emitted by a return flight from London to Sydney would be offset by enabling the avoidance of one unwanted birth in a country such as Kenya.”

In other words, rich white folk want to eliminate black babies so they can continue to globe-trot. The Guardian does not so much as whisper a criticism; the word “racism” does not appear. I guess you can say anything and be taken seriously by the mainstream media as long as you wrap it in a banner of “global warming concern.”

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