Homeland Secured

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Do you remember when the PATRIOT Act was controversial? It seems to me at one time that there was quite a fuss raised about it, but fortunately time has smoothed that over and none of the predicted “abuses of power” have ever come to pass.

In the final week of February, President Obama put his signature to a reauthorization of the act, and so for another year the power of the government to protect our national security remains absolute and inviolate. There was some noise about possibly putting some “checks” or “restrictions” in place. But that came only from the extremists — probably terrorist sympathizers, like those insidious lawyers Liz Cheney warned us about, the ones who defended enemies of America at Guantanamo. And now that we know who they are, we can keep a watch on them in the future. Hell, we can tap their phones and monitor all their internet activity if we need to, or even if we just feel like it!

Don’t you feel safer already?

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