Honor Among Thieves?

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Charles Cashmore, one of O.J. Simpson’s co-defendants, will plead guilty to a reduced charge in exchange for testimony against the disgraced foot- ball legend and four other defendants in the recent armed robbery case in Las Vegas.

Good to know that O.I. might not escape this time, that laws of nature and numbers are catching up with him.

Cashmore’s testimony is good for this specific case, but as my grandmom used to say, “even crooks should have some ethics.” Yes, Cashmore would have been better off doing hara kiri than testify against his boss, for he is not doing this because of a change of heart, but because of a “bribe” he is getting from the American prosecutors. Americans would have been better off – much, much better off – by letting O.J. go free for lack of evidence, than reduce Cashmore’s jail term for his testimony. Cashmore should actually get an increased term for being utterly spineless, for being a disgrace to humanity.

And should the state prosecutors not go to jail for offering bribes? Really, over the long term, termites are far, far more dangerous than a lion.

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