Money Pipeline

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The United States, with only 4% of global petroleum reserves, uses fully 25% of the world’s petroleum each year. That imbalance translates into approximately $250,000 per minute that u.S. consumers are sending overseas to buy foreign oil, $360 million per da}T, $131 billion a year – money that’s flowing in large part to the type of country I wouldn’t trust to run our ports.

Former CIA director James Woolsey points to the clear danger: “Two-thirds of the world’s oil reserves are in the Persian Gulf and as time goes on, the world is going to rely more on the Gulf, rather than less, and you can’t bet on this part of the world making a smooth, easy path that will allow all of us to happily continue to drive our SUVs and use that part of the world as our filling station.”

Worse, we can’t bet that the billions of dollars we’re sending to that part of the world for oil imports won’t be used to develop an arsenal that will threaten much more than our SUVs.

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