Swap Meet

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Driving home from work recently, I noticed a new sign by a road on my route. It’s one of those small metal signs that from time to time appear in green spaces along the roadside, or in residential lawns when contract work is being done on homes. I don’t usually pay much attention to such signs, but this new one caught my eye. For two days, I thought I was reading it incorrectly, or that I drove past it too quickly and got the letters confused. At the end of the work week, I slowed down when I saw it in the distance to be sure I read it accurately.

I was right! The sign advertises a local tree service, and under the business’s name, it reads, “Save Cash! BARTER Save Cash!”

Has it really come to this? Sure, we’ve all exchanged skills, goods, and services with friends and family members in lieu of cash. But, this is the first time I have ever seen a real business advertising barter. So much for the recovery and “jobs saved.” Thanks, Obama.

I actually do need a tree cut down on my property. Usually, felling trees is something we can handle on our own, but this tree is larger and wider than most, and very close to a building. So I’ll have to come up with something I can exchange with this local small business. Perhaps, as an attorney, I’ll offer to sue Obama on the business owners’ behalf for an illegal taking of their livelihood.

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