The Legendary Lost City New Orleans

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According to Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth,” If we don’t drastically cut our fossil fuel consumption within the next decade, the Earth will suffer irreversible damage. I’m not certain why global warming is cited as such an immediate crisis. It’s not happening overnight. The worst estimate is around a seven-degree rise in temperature and a foot rise in ocean levels over the next hundred years. That’s plenty of time to move inland and northward.

Not many people are moving back to New Orleans. If the Army Corps of Engineers cannot control the water, the next several subsequent floods will force everyone inland for good. It’s very possible that New Orleans will be a ghost town in a hundred years, and perhaps even a really cool dive site. Meanwhile the great majority of the residents, along with the Cajun and Creole cultures, will survive.

There’s an ancient Roman city underwater in Egypt, yet there are descendants of both those civilizations living today. There are descendants of migrant farmers living in California, whose grandparents’ farms in Oklahoma are as dry as an Al Gore sideshow.

Why do the environmentalists have to be so apocalyptic? Is it perhaps that the real “inconvenient truth” is that the planet will warm slightly over the next couple hundred years, and people will adapt? Unfortunately, that doesn’t fit into the leftist plan to scare everyone so much that they’ll accept a Gore presidency.

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