The Price of Everything in Arizona

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To borrow an expletive from W.C. Fields, “Egad! The cost of living has gone up 26 cents a two-liter bottle!”

Prior to the Biden-Harris inauguration, Dr Thunder and the other Sam’s sodas were 62 cents per two-liters and now they’re 88!

Gasoline around here (Southeastern Arizona) was about $2.059 per gallon, and within hours of the Biden inauguration speech, it started climbing. Yesterday I saw, at one of the lower-priced stations, $4.799!

Yet there are some who still want to blame Trump, or anything or anybody other than Biden-Harris. I remember when some pitiable social medium poster defensively sneered that “Biden doesn’t set gasoline prices”!

Within hours of the Biden inauguration speech, the price of gasoline started climbing.


It’s ironic, or something, that people like me will be “reduced” to drinking iced tea because of the obscenely rising prices, including the taxes. (I doubt, however, that anyone will be throwing sodas into the harbor.)

I thought food was exempt from sales tax here, but I looked more closely at the Walmart receipt and saw there is two cents (plain) on the sodas! Criminal! And it’s about 10% in Tennessee (a Republican state)! Can you imagine large Catholic, Mormon, or just plain poor families trying to feed and clothe their children when they have to pay that much extra? Just to try to satiate some politicians?

When do people start satisfying themselves? How about a drink of the real stuff — liberty?

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  1. Michael F.S.W. Morrison

    Sorry for my typo, but that $4.799 gasoline price is actually the highest price near me — or was the last time I was out.
    That fuel dispenser is usually the highest around here.
    The lowest price near me is $4.499.
    But the draft sodas inside have soared: Formerly 89 cents, they are now about $1.30!
    Poor convenience-store owners: When fuel prices are so high, people don’t buy much inside, and that is made worse when, for example, small bags of corn or potato chips jump from $1.29 to $1.99.
    But it’s all Trump’s and/or Putin’s fault. Otherwise there is nothing to see here.

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