Viva Las Vegas

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In a recent “town hall” meeting in New Hampshire, Barack Obama put in another dig against Las Vegas. Some Las Vegas residents, particularly the city’s mayor, took umbrage at his words. That’s understandable – Las Vegas has been hit especially hard by the economic downturn. The last thing it needs is to be kicked while it’s down.

But given the country’s obvious increasing disenchantment with Obama and his administration, his unfavorable sentiment about Las Vegas may work in the city’s favor. Enterprising Vegas hotel, club, and restaurant owners could generate their own economic stimulus by offering Obama- disapproval specials, discounts, and packages. “Enjoy spending your money in Las Vegas, before Obama and Congress spend it for you!”

I’m sure that Liberty readers, many of whom will be in Las Vegas this July for FreedomFest, would be happy to take advantage of such discounts and specials. And if the Las Vegas tourist industry fails to come to this idea by itself, and should the mayor attend FreedomFest as he did last year, I will be sure to share this little suggestion for his city’s economic recovery. I think he’ll like it.

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