A Bunch of Buttinskis

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On January 25, the Federal Communications Commission proposed that a $1.4 million fine be levied on 52 television stations owned by or affiliated with ABC. Seems that back in 2003 the aforesaid stations broadcast an episode of the show “NYPD Blue,” in which a woman’s bare buttocks were displayed.

The FCC found this indecent, because it depicted “sexual organs and excretory organs” in a “patently offensive way.” Moreover, the bare arse was shown before 10 p.m., which means that it could have traumatized untold numbers of kiddies who had not yet gone to bed.

ABC, attempting to rebut (sorry) the FCC, argued, “The buttocks are not a sexual organ.” That ABC could have made such a claim with a straight face is remarkable. The network is owned by Disney, after all. The FCC, in any case, was not persuaded.

Yes, folks, these are adults who are arguing about some cheeks on display in prime time. And yes, people drawing a federal paycheck have spent four years determining that those who revealed those cheeks to the American viewing public should cough up no less than $1.4 million for doing so. lt seems to me that the real ass is the FCC.

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